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Shaker Spirits aims to create its own spirits brands and distribute them internationally. We assist our partners in building commercial strategies and we take care of the distribution of your products on international markets. We like creating new spirits and new brands to share with as many people as possible. We aim to push the limits and develop new, innovative, and rule-breaking products.



Innovation, Creativity and Authenticity are the guidelines of our brands and our philosophy..

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Our Shaker love to create new spirits and new brands. Without barriers or limits, we seek to develop new products that are unique and innovative.

Shaker Spirit's brands are authentic with strong values. We are also committed to important partnerships that have positive impacts on our planet. More info below:

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We can support you in the commercial development of your brands in international markets in two phases:


We provide an in-depth analysis of the dynamics of each market, build an export price structure, and, above all, recommend the top 3 ideal importers for your product type and the targeted distribution channels.


We manage the distribution of your brands in all international markets. We open up new business streams, implement the strategy together with the local partner, and represent your brands in the various locations. We also set up tailor-made tools so that you can control the development of your products in the field.

"We have the experience, entrust us with your brands for a controlled and optimal export development!"

Shaker Spirits
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